Top 5 reasons online jewelry sales are on the rise during Covid-19

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With the emergence of the pandemic just over a year ago, we have seen a real shift in the way people shop.  Shopping online has taken a huge rise due to health risks and accessibility and people are being more conscious about where their products are coming from environmentally, ethically and financially.  This change indicates a growth in local, authentically created items and a small yet noticeable decline in cheap unsustainable goods.  This has been especially true with the increase of small businesses popping up online offering handcrafted, locally sourced products such as; soaps, candles, prints, paintings, jewelry and the like.  Now, truly is, the time for the artisan creator.

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  1.       Virtual Meetings

The days of office business attire has drastically changed; and this is in major part to the fact that; for most of us, we no longer have in-person business meetings.  With virtual video conferences becoming the new normal, the requirements for professional dress has shifted and is limited to “the square” (you know the one, right? That small thing in the bottom of our zoom meeting screens staring back at ourselves).  Nevertheless, many people are still finding ways to keep that sophisticated edge to their online image and that is definitely reflected by the online growth we have received for our Zoom Necklace, Drop Earrings and other professional pieces.

  1.       Gifts for Loved ones

With the long-lasting restrictions on gatherings and interactions currently in place, many people are feeling the effects of this isolation.  I have had numerous discussions with clients, friends and family about how we are unable to console our friends and loved ones during their most obvious time of need. People have been unable to visit each other, attend weddings, funerals, birthdays and holidays in person for over a year.  A solution to that conundrum has been to send personalized meaningful gifts instead.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to increasingly assist new and returning clients, with finding the perfect piece to show their love, joy, appreciation, celebration and longing for their loved ones.

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  1. Personal Connection

Loneliness has been on a steep incline recently and we have all noticed the effects on some level.  That feeling of personal connection that has been lost because of the pandemic has been replaced through object association.  Items that carry emotional meaning, a memory or personal significance to the potential keeper.  I have always crafted with this same intent for connection, and a hope of providing a one of a kind bond between the piece and its future owner.  This past year I have definitely had growth helping pair clients with their most significant jewelry choices.

Have you seen something that just called to you?

  1. Self-Love

Isolation has only helped to shine a light on the high amount of people suffering from mental health issues.  Even those without a preexisting condition are struggling with the negative emotional, mental and physical effects of the current social climate. The need for self-care and love has become so important to maintaining some semblance of hope and normality in an otherwise dire situation.  Some have found comfort and love in handcrafted naturally made home décor, body products or jewelry.  Just taking the time with your favorite bath bomb or treating yourself to a small gift can go a long way to self-sooth and show yourself some love.  Remember to do a little something for yourself each day. 

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  1.       Online Presence

Online shopping has been a growing market for quite some time, but it's quick ascent to the top of the shopping experience, in the past year, has required a lot of companies to quickly shift their targets to online platforms; including me.  At the beginning of the pandemic I had a much larger face to face existence in the local artisan community.  Throughout the years, I had been participating in several artisan markets, provided wholesale and consignment options, and had set steady studio hours for clients to come in and window shop.  All that has ceased to exist since the start of covid-19 and has required me to shift focus to expanding my online presence.  With some education and help I have managed to increase my brand, reach many more customers and keep jewelry sales on the rise.

Personally, I have been fortunate enough to receive and meet some amazing shoppers through my online shop.  In a time when physical face-to-face connection is limited or nonexistent, it has been a pleasure to have more clients and customers reach out to me virtually requesting one or more of my handcrafted pieces.

I have managed to expand my circle much farther than I previously thought and it has been a humble and touching journey being able to provide memorable experiences in such a unique way.  Thank you to all of my clients past and present for supporting me through one of the hardest times in the world.  Im looking forward to meeting more of you in the future.

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