Small Luxuries

#8 - 23230 Billy Brown Rd.

Fort Langley, B.C.

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Located in historic Fort Langley BC, Canada,  Anita of Juliet 925 shapes sterling silver, Recycled 10k gold and gold filled metals into beautiful jewellery. Each link of every chain is hand-crafted to produce pieces of exceptional, unique style. There is a particular weight and feel to artisan hammered chain: making you want to touch it, and play with it, while it rests against your skin. Whether you choose a single strand, a bold chainmaille piece, or one of Anita's trademark Junk chains - a tumble of links and twists that shouldn't go together but somehow, wonderfully, do - you will find yourself wearing it over and over again. 

Beyond chains, Anita creates rings and earrings: from funky and chunky, to delicate and fine. The subtle , stacking rings, crafted from thin strands of silver - and occasionally, gold - can be worn as a single graceful adornment, or piled, one upon the other, to make a stronger, textured statement all your own. There are hammered, cast, and patterned bands - some adorned with ornamentation or semi-precious stones. Anita's popular Spinner rings are beautifuland fun to wear: gorgeous bold bands of silver with one or more fine rings floating over the surface. Juliet925 earrings incorporate elements of Anita's chain and ring designs, dropping as pendants from handmade hooks. 
Anita is an artist, and it is the prerogative of the artist to wander and stray from one idea to the next. So it is with Juliet925. Anita's inventory of work is ever-changing, and therefore each piece is unique. Juliet925 is not a line of products. Each piece is an expression of the moment in which it was created. If you find something you love here - and you will - don't hesitate to make it your own, because you will not find anything else like it. 
Juliet925 uses only North American silver, sourced from refiners that adhere to sustainability pledges.
Most of the stones used in Juliet925 designs come from personal collections accessed through rock and gem shows throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Anita is a visual artist with education and experience in drawing, painting, sculpture and metal smithing. Having owned and run small studios and galleries which focussed more on painting and ceramic arts, Anita found she was drawn to working with silver, and began to hone those skills. She created Juliet925 in 2012, and has quickly found an audience eager to own her beautiful and unique designs. Her work is regularly featured in Artisan shows and fairs around Vancouver BC, as well as being sold in a number of retail outlets around the province. 
Anita Has opened a retail store located at #8 - 23230 Billy Brown Rd. Fort Langley BC. Hours are currently by appointment only. here
To contact Anita please email , or text 604.715.5608 - and don't forget to follow Juliet925 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.