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Most commercial jewelry that we see these days in retail shops are commonly “cast” from molds or more recently 3d printed in resin and then cast in metals. Though still beautiful, it does not always offer for a unique one of a kind piece.  Alternately, Juliet925 studio has always prided itself on making its jewelry by hand forging with sterling silver, gold wire and plate.

For the first 8 years of my jewelry making career the pieces that I created were mostly considered “fashion” pieces because I used only sterling silver in their making.  These pieces were commonly designed and purchased to be cherished by loved ones as small gift.  This meant that only a few of my pieces seemed to make the cut when it came to those big important occasions;  weddings or engagements, because those pieces were usually reserved for gold. 

Engagement ring 10K gold recycled chevron band with diamond locally Canada made handcrafted by Juliet925
Three years ago I had friends ask me to guide them through the purchase of a 1ct + diamond halo white gold ring setting for their engagement ring.  This request ultimately set me on my path to working in gold and which had me branch out to build relationships with a wider range of suppliers.  One such relationship is with one of the largest trade companies; Stuller.  All gold supplied by them is 100% recycled and thus aligns with one of my companies most important core values of ethics and sustainability.

This relationship has allowed me to make some of my most favorable showcases: the simple wedding band, specially designed to compliment an already purchased engagement ring  for a bride-to-be.

I have since made 100’s of wedding bands and loved being a part of that experience, but there have been those few times; those very few precious times, that I also got the pleasure of making the engagement ring too and that has always been my extra thrill.  The thrill of being part of the action, of having the inside scoop, of being in on the proposer’s secret.

One such occasion happened two years ago when R. came into my studio in search of a local metalsmith to design and craft an engagement ring to propose to his partner of 10 years, K.  We worked together to come up with the perfect piece for his true love.

The evening after he picked the ring up I went out for dinner with some of my friends and low and behold walked R & K to the same restaurant!

I was so elated over the little inside secret I had in knowing he was going to propose later while on holidays.  I had that secret with me and was in a small part an insider on one of their life's big moments.

Engagement ring locally sourced handcrafted recycled 10K white gold wedding proposal Juliet925
This past fall and into Christmas I got the ultimate insider secret as both a mother and a jeweler, I got the privilege of helping my son navigate his way through choosing a diamond and setting custom made.  He wanted a knife edged 6 prong in 18 ct gold. However, this particular setting wasn’t in my repertoire of skills so I sourced my trusted supplier with the deed.  The ring turned out beautifully and  I held this secret for almost 3 months before he finally proposed on Christmas Eve! 



Let me be a part of your inside secret and help guide you through your special ring creation.  Begin by looking at the settings Here and then send me an email so we can start making dreams come true.

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