2 Skinny Gold Filled Rings

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Set of 2 super skinny gold filled  stacking rings.  Great addition to add variety to your stacker set.  Mix it up with different metals or textures.


  • 14k gold-filled heavy plated (bonded gold on brass)
  • profile measures 1mm (18g)
  • choose sizes
  • 1 - 3 days processing time
  • hand forged in studio Juliet925
The term gold-filled refers to the manufacturing process in which a sheet of base metal, usually brass, is mechanically bonded with thinner sheets of gold. A "sandwich" is formed by mechanically bonding a layer of gold on both sides of brass. This "sandwich" is then cold worked by rolling until a much thinner gauge metal is achieved. Products are then formed or die-struck from this layered material.
When a layer of gold is affixed on all surfaces by any mechanical means and the weight of the gold is a minimum of 1/20 of the total weight of the metal in the piece of jewellery

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