Gold Contour Ring 2mm

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This contour V chevron ring is wider and higher profile than my other contour ring.  Solid 10k recycled gold is 2mm wide and 1.25 high profile half round.

Simple design for wedding band or stacking ring custom made.  Wear as is or use to contour around a set stone ring (unfortunately do to the nature of on-line selling I am unable to create and exact contour match around a set stone ring without an in store customer visit).

Handcrafted in my tiny retail jewellers studio located in historic Fort Langley BC.Canada. I custom make each piece using ethically sourced materials.

10K gold is solid through and will not wear off. Is safe to wear daily. 100% recycled gold

I can make this ring in solid white gold or rose gold, but there will be a 3 week wait as I do not stock these materials and will have to special order.

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